Oluwakorede Asuni


PIN Anounces Non-Profits Employee Motivation Program (NEMP)
19 January 2008
I am pleased to introduce to you the Non–Profit Employee Motivation Program (NEMP), a capacity building initiative for Non-Profits by Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN). NEMP is geared towards achieving overall increased productivity of staff of Non Profits in Nigeria, the project has amongst others the following cardinal objectives: * To motivate employees for better organizational productivity; * To motivate employees towards Personal Development...
2007: Me and I
19 January 2008
No doubt the year 2007 was a good one. Perhaps I should say that the year was for me, a huge experiment, I took time off testing several of the theories I have gathered over a period. The year had its ups and off course its terrible and painful downs-I burnt my fingers and my fingers got burnt too! But over all I thank God the year was. Some of the theories I tried out was to plan ahead, anticipate the future and prepare for it, so that when chance...
The Olabisi Onabanjo University Achivers' Awards
19 January 2008
The Olabisi Onabajo University Achivers’ Awards (OOUAA) is aimed at rewarding excellence in several areas of endeavour amongst undergraduates at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State, Nigeria. It is the brain child of Dreamakers’ Int’l-a social enterprise seeking to walk the talk of providing solutions to the developmental needs of young people in Nigeria. The OOUAA, is first in a series of Achivers’ Awards to be held...
Thought for food !?*
19 January 2008
We can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark…but, must forgive an adult who is afraid of the light…!
Students' Survival Kit
11 January 2008
Introduction It is not uncommon for freshmen to be carried away by the ‘NOW AM FREE’ feeling upon admission into University. It is also not rare for one to be worn down by the challenges that the new environment presents. Hence there is a need for a guide to prepare prospective students/undergraduates adequately for the University career. Such an appropriate guide is the Students’ Survival Kit, which will not only prepare one for the several challenges...
Hello world!
08 January 2008
Hey there,as part of renewed effort at a mature online presence, I have decided to host a revved up version of my blog here. It is unfortunate though that I lost some of my writtings recently while trying to upgrade my web presence, however some of my old writtings can still be viewed at www.oluwakoredeasuni.blogspot.com (I have rested work on this site) and http://brosko.tigblogs.org (where I still post some writtings). Feel free toleave me coments...
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