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Has fact become a spectrum?
11 September 2021
Many years ago, someone said something I could only describe as outrageous. Curious as to the source, I was met with: “I read it on the internet”. I was gobsmacked. But it has gotten worse, today. People, entire clans even, run to the market with ideas, positions and assertions – yes, plainly because they read it on the internet. Worse, when confronted with questions requiring the proponents to think a bot more about their “I...
What is the unit of productivity?
10 September 2021
An hour? A work week? A month? The output? Time has seconds (defined in terms of the radiation frequency at which atoms of the element cesium change from one state to another). Days has hours (a culmination of seconds into minutes and minutes into hours or 3600 secs) Distance has meters (defined as the length of the path travelled by light in a vacuum in 1/299 792 458 of a second). What is it for productivity?  
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The Golden Circle By Simon Sinek - Applied to Product Development
09 September 2021
Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle works as a good framework to guide the work of product teams. Starting with the core vision/value of the business (and/or product) – the value we seek to create – and tying this with a eloquent approach to HOW we enable the value creation process in the hands of our customers, will eventually guide us into deciding WHAT we build. To achieve the HOWs and WHATs of our products, we then need to understand...
There is more to life than being right... than winning... than being the star of the moment
08 September 2021
To be right. To win. To be the reigning star of the minute. Winning, being right all the time, being seen as the star of the moment, all  have benefits. At a minimum, we are flooded with the good hormone: dopamine; in the instant. But at what cost? The cost of burning important bridges? Of loosing friends and the support and interests of co-travelers? Do we choose to win the battle and lose the war? Have we chosen to be right, over being decent? Winning...
Unintended Consequences
07 September 2021
All actions have a resulting reaction. It is a fundamental law of life and well entrenched in the laws of Physics. The witty clapback. The recoil of the gun. The sudden forward movement of the human head when a car comes to a sudden stop. Customer walking away after a terrible experience. The customer using the product in ways other than originally intended (yes, that was how the teabag was invented – read about Thomas Sullivan and his accidental...
Meet my YouTube Channel
07 September 2021
I started posting content to my YouTube channel early this year. It started with me posting recordings from previous speaking engagements. Now that I have some following on there, I have started to script and record content deliberately for the community that is now evolving around the channel. Here the channel trailer. Enjoy. And please consider subscribing to the channel and opt-in to get notifications when I post a new video. Thank you.
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Breaking point
06 September 2021
Elasticity is the characteristic of materials, allowing them return to form after a measure of stress. Think of elastic bands – you stretch them (stress) and they return to form (when you ease off the stress/stretching event). But every material has a point, which when stressed past, deformity – loss of form integrity – sets in. Further past that point is a point where the material not only deforms but dis integrates. This rule applies...
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Do we care enough? (Video)
05 September 2021
Do you care eough?
03 September 2021
Caring about customers is not something we say. It is something we do. Keeping the customer on long waits at the help desk. Sending out customer facing emails from noreply email address. Not honouring the customers; do not contact mandate. Not resolving the customers problem on he first or second visit. Being dishonest with the customer. Making he customer fill long forms. Redirecting customers to FAQs and self-service portals – requiring a...
Something on thoughtfulness
02 September 2021
For the most part, I didn’t set out to be a thoughtful person. It came natural. A consequence of trying to be a decent human. I recall one of my first experiences of being called thoughtful. My friend, who was quite older sent me a message that he has lost his father. Tradition demands a befitting funeral for the elderly who has passed. I was a way in college and can not travel to be with my friend as he organises the final rites for his late...
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