And today’s homily…

Our lesson for today is from the book of Olu’ chapter 15:1-10. Let us commence: 1. Thou shall not feel entitled to another person’s time. Except where you have ‘put in some deposits’ with them, and even then that deposit must be mutually acknowledged, as opposed to being acknowledged solely by the party that places […]

What value do business analysts bring?

In carrying out their duties, business analysts support businesses in clarifying their thoughts around key initiatives (sometimes even helping to determine if those key initiatives are required in the first place), devise a strategy for executing the initiative – including but not limited to identifying change management and transition needs that should be in place for the planned initiative to have a chance at succeeding – and articulate all of these in documents generally referred to as business requirements specification and known by variations of this name across different types of businesses. The majority of the time, this document details the boundaries of the initiative, identifies how the initiative connects with the business’ short to long-term strategies and the details of what needs to be built or procured in order to fulfil the needs of the initiative and invariably the needs of the business.

Book review: Kasinomics by GG Alcock

Introduction Kasinomics is a book authored by GG Alcock, which explores the informal economy of the townships in South Africa. Alcock is a social entrepreneur, and he has lived in the townships for over two decades, which makes him well-versed with the dynamics of the informal economy. In this book, Alcock offers insights into how […]

My dad and his grand children (humour)

My dad was the definition of discipline. Sometimes all you need to be set straight is one firm look from him. Yes, he was. Yes, he is alive. ‘Was’, because when he became a grandfather, something changed. Something akin to a factory reset. My pops went from being the lion, whose footsteps (let alone his […]

Tim Harford’s Cautionary Tales

I find Tim Hartford’s treatment of historical and modern events, beliefs (and the superstitions, knowledge and ignorance that underpins these) a refreshing, if not informative take on matters remote and those urgent. His takes on most matters which range from Galileo’s warning (and its implications in modern times ala Lala land debacle at the Oscar’s […]

Writings of Mr Richard Dawkins

Mr Richard Dawkins is all at once witty, entertaining and almost accurate in his writings.
Wondering where to start? Or which of his works perhaps captures the whole essence of Mr Dawkins’ life’s work? Perhaps his 2019 long essay may be an enjoyable, if informative read and starting point.

On Project Management and Product Management

The link to the video is at the bottom of the post. — Are there any significant differences between the disciplines of project management and product management? My opinion is that each is a well-established discipline, which goes beyond nomenclature and could at best be complementary. Project managers are professionals who oversee projects with the […]

Risk and luck are both out of our hands

Risks and Luck are two sides of the same coin, sometimes the same exact same side of the same coin but viewed from different angles, or at different times of the day or an epoch  or with varying contexts. Whilst I am firmly of the opinion that all causes have an effect and that studying […]

BA Summit 2021

The largest gathering of business analysts and business analysis in the Southern hemisphere is around the corner! This year, like last year, the conference will be virtual. However, it promises to exceed ALL expectations. The speaker line up is epic and so are the topics up for presentations and discussions. The conference is themed and […]