Design thinking is about the customer, not about design for its own sake


Design thinking may have been originally gifted to the world by industrial design firm Ideo*, **, today design thinking is as much about the design as solution architecture is about designing structures.

Design thinking is an iterative process, that saves businesses from themselves and lets them interact with their customers before drawing the first line on their solution canvass. And then taking the customer along through out the journey of building a solution.

Design thinking has several benefits including building a product or service that the customer truly wants and can pay for.

Popularised by Tim Brown** at Ideo, the first recognisable output and potentially the poster child of design thinking is the mouse – yep, the humble computer mouse***.

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The Origins of Design Thinking (Wired)
**Tim Brown, the father of Design Thinking
***Creating the first usable mouse – Ideo 


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