Dear Sir,

It was shocking-very shocking-to learn of your demise last night.

Whilst I join others to wish you a safe trip to your next destination, I can not help but wonder how in humane man can be. I remember clearly how they flew you in (though we still have doubt you were on that flight) and smuggled you into Aso Rock even though Aso Rock did not provide the life sustaining medical equipments you needed.

I also remember how they wickedly rouse you from sweet (and possibly healing) coma to make you sign the 2010 Appropriation Bill (that I guess is the name for the annual budget). My friends here thinks i should not have been suprised at the inhuman treatments you suffered from your wife, aides and close allies in your last five months on earth, they argue that you have always been a subject of such treatment, at least they argued, you were forced against your will to contest the 2007 elections (and made to cu short your well needed medical pilgrimages to Germany during the campaign).

Sir, so long since we met – actually since I met you – sad we will no longer hear from you, but please do keep in touch with members of the various cabals ruining our nation and remind them sir of their mortality as humans…please share with them tales from where you are, perhaps they may have a change of heart and allow us common people (I don’t know what that really means) have the Nigeria we desire and deserve!

All the best in your new endeavours.

All the best,

Some concerned Nigerian



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