Olu’  has spoken at local meetings In South Africa, and at international conferences in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
He runs a YouTube channel where some of his recent talks and presentations and presentations could be viewed, on-demand.

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Some of Olu's speaking assignments

And here is a snapshot of some of his well-received speaking engagements. 

On BlackMetric's BA Fringe Season 2, Episode 3. 

Topic: Crafting a wholesome Gamification experience

In this talk, Olu explores the rudiments of crafting a gamification experience which ensures both the business’ needs and those of its customers are met.

Conference presentation, for the International Institute of Business Analysis, South Africa's conference (2020)

Topic: Gamification: A swiss Army knife to use deliberately and with care.

In this conference presentation, Olu explores the beauty and dangers of gamification. He outlines best practices for a good gamification design and some of the pitfalls that can render a good initiative useless and bad for customers. 

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) South Africa Chapter's Tool & Techniques Thursdays

Topic: Understanding and applying the concept of Unique COmpeting Space (UCS) to strategy evolution and management

In this talk, Olu presents the Unique Competing SPace (UCS) model, and proceeds to discuss its applications in evaluating a business’ offering, compared to its competitors’ and the actual customer needs. 

He offers some guidance in identifying opportunities for expanding shrinking or stagnant UCS, in order to ensure that the strategic goal of winning over the medium to long term is attainable.

Speaking to the IIBA New Zealand community

Topic: Agile in a waterfall world, how two, possibly conflicting realities could co-exist

In this talk, Olu explores the opportunities for convergence and integration of waterfall and agile, and highlights the benefits of this, as opposed to choosing one approach to delivery over the other. 

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