Data! A short opinion

Data doesn’t lie.

Your analysis and subsequent interpretation could be subjective.

Not too early

My passenger was bored two minutes into an 18 minutes drive. I tossed her the book I had taken along, as I had a 1 hour wait time at our destination, whilst she jumps on poles and straddles beams. I wasn’t expecting much of anything except to distract her for the rest of the drive […]

Playful: On calories

Dear Parliament, Having taken the time to evaluate my calorie consumption. And having noted that Saturdays are for parties and other fun activities which could induce consumption. And Sunday lunches are still a thing. I’d like to move the motion to abolish Saturday (and Sunday) calories. They should not count. They are likely to ruin […]

Journey to fitness

November numbers are in. Not much of physical activities – as it turns out sprained ankles do take their time to heal.

On Project Management and Product Management

The link to the video is at the bottom of the post. — Are there any significant differences between the disciplines of project management and product management? My opinion is that each is a well-established discipline, which goes beyond nomenclature and could at best be complementary. Project managers are professionals who oversee projects with the […]

NASA shoots DART into Space

News: NASA DART space vehicle successfully collides with an asteroid 7 million Km in space (a distance 28 times that of the distance between the earth and its moon). NASA crafted this exercise to test man’s ability to redirect the path/orbit of an asteroid. Whilst this asteroid poses no challenge to the earth, the test […]

Conversations: A live conversation and podcast series

Conversations is something I have wanted to do for some time. I am quite curious about a lot of things. I tinker with the thoughts of others by asking soul-searching questions of them. And I often leave comments on people’s opinions, social/economic/religious developments and whatever else crosses the path of my fancy. Oftentimes, these get […]

Never underestimate the power of, and the need for backups.

Good news: MacBook died suddenly in May. Had backup of all work and school files to date (Google Drive for Mac). Had a dated but still useful backup copy of system settings and ALL files on a local network drive (TimeMachine – a free, bundled into MacOS by Apple. There are alternatives for Windows and […]