Currently, I am affiliated with the following institutions – please note that a more up to date list may exist on my resume and as such, kindly consult the latest version of that document before reaching any conclusion (this list is in no particular order):

  1. Member – The International Institute of Business Analysis
  2. Executive Board Member – The International Institute of Business Analysis – South Africa Chapter
  3. Professional Member – Project Management South Africa
  4. Member – Project Management Institute
  5. Alumni – Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria
  6. Co-founder & Technology adoption leader –
  7. Co-founder –


Important Note:

All opinions expressed on this website, LinkedIn, facebook, twitter and in written/presented papers are mine and do not represent the opinion or views of institutions to whom I have a form of affiliation or other, except where clearly stated that I am representing such institutions.

Any assumptions otherwise, are unwarranted and may be considered as plainly mischievous.

If in doubt, kindly reach-out to me and I will provide clarity as may be required.