And today’s homily…

Our lesson for today is from the book of Olu’ chapter 15:1-10.

Let us commence:

  1. 1. Thou shall not feel entitled to another person’s time. Except where you have ‘put in some deposits’ with them, and even then that deposit must be mutually acknowledged, as opposed to being acknowledged solely by the party that places a (entitled) demand on the time of the other.
  2. When thou request for other people’s time, thou shall proceed with humility, care, and a willingness to clearly not make the demand a one sided transaction.
  3. There is nothing wrong if you feel the demand of another’s time is transactional, you take from them and you give something back. If you do not, and the other suggests it, do everyone a favour and don’t lift up your nose in disgust.
  4. That the one whose time you have demanded doesn’t acquiesce to your demand, doesn’t transfer to you the right to question there use of their own time and suggest things akin to: “you claim to be busy, but you are always online on facebook, Twitter , Whatsapp or other social media or other observable use of their time”. Becuase that right is reserved by the owner of the time and they decide how they adjudicate that right.
  5. When you are afforded another’s time or attention, do not waste it – by beating around the bush, being unclear about what you want or asking perfunctory well being questions.
  6. Align your ask to the platform via which you are making the demand. Remember, instant messenger apps are instant only in name and transmission of messages and not in eliciting responses. It is thus important that you (a) get to the point as quickly as possible (b) leave your message as opposed to waiting for your greeting to be acknowledged and (c) accept that there will always be some delays in response. Monitoring people’s last seen online time only serves to increase your angst and is known to not fast track anything – so stop doing it, if you do so already.
  7. Desist from subtle blackmails, it is likely to rob you of the (little) respect the recipient of your blackmail may have for you.
  8. Treasure every moment another has spared for you.
  9. Understand when they are unavailable to you, as well.
  10. Pretense smells from a distance and doesn’t look good on anyone, avoid it as much as you can.

You have been served…. sorry…erm…may the lawd bless the reading of these words.



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