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Thoughts & Ideas:

  1. Disco Lights, Hybrid Facilitation & Early BA Engagement (BlackMetric, UK): https://cutt.ly/evQAAuy
  2. What is a Maintenance Business Analyst Role? (Modern Analyst): https://cutt.ly/DvQSyud
  3. Design Thinking in a Waterfall World (Oluwakorede Asuni, Modern Analyst): https://cutt.ly/avQSl8J
  4. Growth Hacking Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide (Neil Patel): https://cutt.ly/zvQSHQ0
  5. Service Design (Interaction Design): https://cutt.ly/yvQS9LE
  6. Total Quality Management (American Society for Quality): https://cutt.ly/svQSMc8

Events & Opportunities:

  1. Collaborating to Solve Business Challenges with Bonny Matlala (IIBA South Africa Webinar – 22 April 2021). Register here: https://cutt.ly/0vQS5Jw
  2.  How to become an Agile Certified Business Analyst (IIBA AAC): https://cutt.ly/8vQDaB8
  3. 9 Steps to Strategic Change that Delivers Desired Business Outcomes(IIBA International Webinar – 31 April 2021). Register here: https://cutt.ly/KvQDhO7

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