On Project Management and Product Management

The link to the video is at the bottom of the post. — Are there any significant differences between the disciplines of project management and product management? My opinion is that each is a well-established discipline, which goes beyond nomenclature and could at best be complementary. Project managers are professionals who oversee projects with the […]

On Agile: SCRUM

This piece is yet another installment in my series on Agile methods and mindsets. Each article in the series progressively elaborates on the subject and shouldn’t be consumed on their own, but along with the other entries. The form in which the articles are split isn’t along any lines except for those of my convenience. At […]

Project Management: Beyond Microsoft Project! (Updated)

It isn’t quite hilarious when otherwise smart people are fooled into believing project management is simply being able to use Microsoft Project. It becomes even more unsettling when, these people are made to part with hard-earned cold cash in the name of obtaining project management training. And for me, it is painful to see all […]

Some of the things that will kill your project (and your reputation along the way)

Boil the Ocean

Read this exciting follow-up article by Tech Republic’s Justin James titled: More classic software development mistakes and thought to share the same below. Whilst Justin’s title and essay might have focused on software development, the listed pitfalls are applicable in almost all project environments – just take out the specific mentions of software and software jargon’s and […]

Effective Leadership as a Catalyst for Successful Projects

Ayo Oladejo and I have in recent months had long and exciting conversations on the subject of leadership. Ayo believes it all starts and ends with leadership. I agree. The conversations are exciting, as enlightening. He recently wrote a piece on the role leadership plays in the work place and I thought to share excerpts […]

Thoughts on Projects and Project Management (I): Document all things

I am writing this, first as a note to myself and then to others. I work in an environment where there are several activities best grouped as projects. No project management methodology is employed and project/team leads run their activities as they best deem fit. Since I am PMP, I chose to abide by the […]