On Agile: SCRUM

This piece is yet another installment in my series on Agile methods and mindsets. Each article in the series progressively elaborates on the subject and shouldn’t be consumed on their own, but along with the other entries. The form in which the articles are split isn’t along any lines except for those of my convenience. At […]

Book publishing: Gets easier for the indie publisher

In truth indies have existed for a while long time. I know quite a few, across industries. Myself a self published author, I know going indie isn’t always the plan at the outset and isn’t always as easy as deciding to go indie. In my case, in 2004/5 when the first draft of my book was completed, […]

Thoughts on Projects and Project Management (I): Document all things

I am writing this, first as a note to myself and then to others. I work in an environment where there are several activities best grouped as projects. No project management methodology is employed and project/team leads run their activities as they best deem fit. Since I am PMP, I chose to abide by the […]