Book Recommendation: The Carbon Almanac by Seth Godin

The Carbon Almanac edited and forwarded by Seth Godin is an easy-to-read mapping of the climate crisis, the resulting prognosis and actions that can be taken to sidestep some if not all of the disasters that uncontained climate change will wreak on people across the globe – the first of whom are likely to be […]

Africa’s middle class

IPSOS For CFAO’s The middle classes in Africa: Realities and challenges AfDB’s The Middle of the Pyramid: Dynamics of the Middle Class in Africa MoneyWeb’s The rising, aspirant middle class (paywall) QZ’s It’s time to decide what being middle class in Africa really means QZ’s The hype by big business about a fast-growing African middle class has […]


So the MBA imposes a lot of readings on every subject making up the programme. My career ambitions places similar impositions on me. Whilst some of my writings are not meant for immediate public consumption given that the data making up my work are often privileged and meant for the public – at least for […]