CIO Files

cio_5Having spent the better part of the last few months (mentally) as a CIO – not quite officially designated, but have been so indeed, thought and assigned and wrestled responsibilities – and with sights firmly set to contribute to employer’s (and eventually own business’) bottom-line by taking strategic advantage of IT/IS, I elected to start this string of blog posts in a new category on this blog: the CIO files.

Articles in this category will be reflective of my thoughts, fears and ideas (some mine, some I picked up in my ‘journey’ and others of real CIOs) on what it is to be a CIO, and to highlight the battles (some of mine and some of others) of ‘IT’, the inherent benefits of the enterprises’ partnership with IT (and vice-versa), and the function of Information Technology in the enterprise (and in our personal lives).

Feel free to leave your comments here – I will respond to all. And perhaps we can all have exciting conversations here.




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