Conversations: A live conversation and podcast series

Conversations is something I have wanted to do for some time.

I am quite curious about a lot of things. I tinker with the thoughts of others by asking soul-searching questions of them. And I often leave comments on people’s opinions, social/economic/religious developments and whatever else crosses the path of my fancy.

Oftentimes, these get lost within the platform where such was created. And one question is, is there a way to elevate this side of me? I mean is there a way to canonise this in some way or the other and make it available to more people than would chance on it on those platforms?

I really do not have an answer.

But I am prepared to tinker with a podcast and see how it goes.

So, here is the plan:

  1. I will invite people I have banted with on social media to a live conversation
  2. With their permission, the conversation would be recorded
  3. This conversation will then be posted to my personal website and will be available on ALL free podcast platforms

Should you be interested in joining live sessions or to be one of my conversational partners, then drop me an email here: mailme[at]

Let the conversation start!




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