For my Dad on Father’s day!

This post was originally written on Father’s Day, 2009 and is specially for my Dad and all the real dads in the world!


It is Father’s Day and I join all appreciative children worldwide in celebrating fatherhood and the strong men behind the institution that fatherhood is. Mine is a strict no-nonsense man who never spared the rod and in like manner words of wisdom. He instilled in me the fear of the rod which he benevolently lashes out after his INVESTIGATIONS -which were usually long and thorough and the longer the investigation, the graver the punishment. My Dad was so loving and caring enough to be home with us thorouhout our growing years, guiding and nudging while providing scarse bread (and proudly supported by the best mum I have come to know). Happy father’s day Dad, and thanks for the rods and the words! Above all thank you God for sparing him this far!

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