Google+ 24hours on!

Its been one full day since my invite to Google+ worked.

Well, the invites never really arrived, despite the persistence of a good friend and brother of mine, who against all odds sent the invite a record two (maybe three) times.

I also left my name and email address several times on the Google+ homepage for considerations for access once the field test is over or has been expanded to take in more testers. I secretly prayed, this would not be another long test like was with Gmail which was in beta for how many years…?Now, twenty four hours on the facebook killer website and I concluded it will be nice to record my thoughts for future reflections especially when Google+ does eventually kill facebook, I want to be able to grin from ear to ear and claim in a blog post that I wrote about it J!

My thoughts are as follows:

  • No Aha moment(s): I must confess, I was already used to the user interface – from spending so much time on the Google+’s home page, and having been forced to transfer to the new interface when I perform google searches and afterwards, my voluntary migration of my Gmail to the new interface. Further killing all semblances of a real aha moment, was the fact the social network struck me as a single entry point into all of Google’s communication tools (which I had become extremely familiar with) -which in its self is not a bad idea – and incorporating my facebook feed without my friends and allies on facebook though! i.e putting the familiar google tools in a facebook-like basket


  • But there was one: I love hangout, I saw the how-to videos, unfortunately all of my friends are in different timezones from me and are either at work when I am free or at sleep or worse-still, still grasping with the ideas of ‘Google doing a new facebook that will kill facebook’. However, I look forward to hanging out with my parents and siblings on hangout – free and without necessarily considering the Skype premium options.

One key request though: I look forward to an easy way to migrate all of my 300 plus friends (yes, I am discreet in offering and accepting friendship on facebook) to Google + and the opportunity to start a conversation from any of the two platforms and continue same on any of the two platforms without any interuptions. Or even conversing with someone from within one platform whilst the person is in another –say: chatting with my facebook friend who may or may not have a google+ account, whilst I am logged into only Google+ and the friend is logged into facebook. I know it sounds impossible, but impossible is seemingly becoming meaningless with every new dawn that breaks.

Another –Ok two questions— (which unlike the above is not IMPOSSIBLE at least in the near future) is to see Google+ show up on third party apps (Tweetdeck and co) so those of us who have friends on disparate networks and are keen to update them all at once can do so without having to log into all these networks (as is currently the case with tweetdeck allowing you to post to facebook, twitter and others at once).

I will keep this post updated as I find more intriguing (or less so) on Google + and as my restless mind churns out more questions!

Finally, I bid myself welcome to Google + L





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