I am not associated with Mr. Olalekan Oshunkoya’s the ‘a for the many’ project

[This disclaimer was first published on the 18th December 2018, on facebook. It is accessible at this link:

Hello World –

Kindly note that I am not a collaborator or supporter of the ‘a Nigeria for the Many’ project being touted by one Mr. Olalekan Oshunkoya.

It came to my attention last week Monday, 11 December 2018, that I was listed as a collaborator on this project’s website – and possibly other marketing materials. A development I not only found strange, but also appalling as I had expressly refused to be involved in all of Mr. Olalekan Oshunkoya‘s recent projects which are all incompetent charades and pretences of working for the good of the people and of the land. I have also sought to distance myself from Mr. Oshunkoya given his continued demonstration of poor judgement as regards these matters and his gross incapacity to follow through on initiatives he starts as well as having developed a well established system of ulterior motives: with Mr. Oshunkoya what you get is never the same as what you see.

When he approached me on Monday, October 1, 2018 to speak at his event three days later, I made my disinterest in being involved in this project clear – I have attached the email below. [1]

Upon coming to know that my image and name are being used in marketing materials for the programme, I wrote Mr. Oshunkoya on WhatsApp [2] to remove me from the website immediately – screenshot also attached. It is a full week since I made that request, but he hasn’t yielded to my request nor has he apologised for his demonstration of poor judgement – which has unfortunately become iconic of him.

Mr. Oshunkoya in creating his project’s website, took a picture of me from one of my facebook postings. [3]

I am exploring legal options for addressing this matter, but felt compelled to put this disclaimer out in order to prevent any further deception of the public by Mr. Oshunkoya on my account and request that you all:

Kindly accept this publication here as a disclaimer of any working relationship existing between myself and Mr. Olalekan Oshunkoya and or his ‘a Nigeria for the Many’ project.

Henceforth, kindly proceed to deal with the project and its organiser strictly on the strength of your knowledge and relationship with Mr. Olalekan Oshunkoya and not based on my appearance on the website or any references previously given to attest to Mr. Olalekan Oshunkoya‘s character – his recent behaviour has forced me to withdraw all of such references.

A copy of the website showing my appearance and my name as of this morning is cached on the The Internet Archive’s WaybackMachine here:


Thank you,
Oluwakorede Asuni

PS – for those who are interested, you may read more about the Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit which is based out of the United States and works towards creating a digital archive of everything ever created on the public inter-webs, here: https://archive.org/about/

Cc: Toobee OomooyeeleeOshunkoya Olugbenga, Adebayo BafanaAdetunji-Oshunkoya Oluwatoyin








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