Intellectual Property

I operate a live and let live philosophy.

And I am a firm believer in continuous development – that is the idea that we move forward collectively as a people when we build o the work that others have done, possibly even be inspired by those works.

However, I find the idea of passing other people’s work off as yours or faking associations with others in a bid to create credibility not only as intellectual fraud the type of which adds nothing to the global common wealth of knowledge that those before us have carefully created,  but one that should be vehemently discouraged by all and should be punished where applicable laws exist.

To avoid doubt about my work on this blog/website, I have:

And in addition to the above, I am prepared to acknowledge creators whose work I have based any of mine off and that I may not have given the appropriate or any credit, should such be brought to my attention.

I also implore all, to kindly respect the terms set out under the licensing condition for all contents on this website. From time to time, as I become aware of derivative work(s) that have not respected my wishes as set out in my licensing terms, I will list such works under the incidence section of this website and may in addition seek legal redress.

May I also implore all to kindly respect the wishes of owners of all copyrighted materials I may have based my own work off of  or risk being in breach of such rights at your own peril.

Thank you,

Oluwakorede Asuni
December 27, 2018