Nelson Mandela!

Nelson Mandela

This Sunday, 18 July 2010 the world will gather to celebrate a man who has come to define resilence, conviction, persevrance and brute determination.

Nelson Mandela, turns 92 and celebrates 67 years of service to humanity(and his fatherland/mother land if you will).

Without pretending to know the history of South Africa or the full details of the struggles that make Mandela what he has come o be known for, or attempting to recreate information that already exists and can be easily gleaned from many sources, I’d like to state Nelson Mandela is a model of conviction and determination.

As part of celebrations, may civil society actors/groups have teamed up and are campaigning that we contribute 67 minutes of ur time on Sunday 18, July 2010 doing service to humanity.

Read about the 67 minutes campaign on the Every Human Has Rights website.

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