My HIV status

I walked confidently towards the laboratory, convinced the Doctor is wrong. I have never engaged in any high risk behaviour.

For the lab technologists, taking the required samples and specimen was routine-I am sure announcing the result of this test will neither draw a smile or a frown from them too.

I returned two days later for the result of the test and that was for me, the real test. Questions raged in my heart, what if the doctor was right and I had the virus, what if it is really true that it is the virus that has made me resistant to the several anti malaria drugs, what if my body has been home to the dreaded disease. My thoughts flew to the beautiful plans I have drawn for the future-even though I know that not all plans work out, I have not contemplated that this HIV/AIDS thing will be atom to scatter the gamma rays.
Mr.Asuni…my name was announced and as I stepped forward to collect the result, I resolved to live with whatever the result says.

Once again I searched the attendant’s face for hint of the news contained in the folded and stapled sheet of paper she handed me …and nothing.

I walked out of the laboratory with my legs threatening to collapse under me. Under a nearby tree, I tore open the paper and …the result:

Tested Negative for HIV antibodies.

Thank God, I am HIV negative.

Are you?

Find out your status today, it pays to know.

originally penned: 31/01/08




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