My strength – perhaps my weakness too

Yeah – I know that quip so well. Make your weakness sound like a strength wearing a veil.

So we go: I am a workaholic. I know I should do more to balance work and life, but I can not just stop myself whenever I have a deadline.

Truth is, a lot of people have become adept seeing through this façade. I don’t even ask this question again when I interview people, because, what is the point? I design my interviews to tease out the weaknesses and the strengths any ways.

But that is not what I am talking about here, really.

I am pondering my own strengths and I find that one key strength – being able to read the room – is also one of my biggest weaknesses. I am able to read the room well. Thus able to stand or sit or jump as may be appropriate.

But when I can not, I get frustrated.

And sometimes, I fail totally to read the room, until I might have crossed a line.

And equally unsettling:  I read too much into the room.

Do you know your weaknesses and strengths? What do you do with the knowledge?

Let’s discuss.



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