Please keep the change….

She looked at me dazed with surprise.

Indeed the change was large.

What she did not know was that, she had made my day and my generosity stemmed from plain appreciation of the service she had rendered. Yes, she was doing her job. But she did it so well, I looked forward to going back again and again.

It was my third time at the post office this year, usually I only go twice in a year – not to post or collect mails (I think the internet and courier companies have taken over that duty from the post office as far as I know) but to pay government license fees.

My experiences have been varied, but mostly unpleasant. On one occassion, the cashier requested to see my mum’s birth certificate (not quite) all reasoning and pleadings fell on deaf ears. And when I returned the next day to the same post office and to the same cashier, she did not take a look at the additional documents she had requested and told me to go to hell when I insisted she does!

So you could imagine my shock (and later appreciation) when I was greeted by a smiling cashier, who asked how my day was going (which at that time, pretty bad) and the asked politely what my business was at the post office and how she could be of help to me, and explained to me why she needed to leave her cubicle each time she did. I was blown off!

In appreciation and profound gratitude of getting a level of service I have come to not expect and for the pleasant surprise, I pleaded with her to please buy herself a cold drink – that’s what we call soft drinks in this clime (if she took me seriously, she will throw a cold drinks party for her colleagues).

She accepted it reluctantly.

Its been a few days now, and I am still full of appreciation.

Thank you!



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