Product Management

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Product management is an evolving discipline that is enjoying wide adoption across multiple industries and industry vertical, especially in those industries where digital is becoming a thing. 

Product managers own a product from end to end – from conception to development, build, launch and customer experience. 

Successful product managers rely on knowledge and skills from several established disciplines.

Some have argued that product managers are the Chief Executives of their products. Others have argued that product managers sit at the intersection of organisational ambition (strategy), customer needs (why customers buy a product) and tech (means for delivering and consuming products). Truth is, product managers are these are more.  

Whilst there are a ton of books, websites, podcasts etc., out there devoted to product managers and the discipline of product management, it is tough for any one person to be able to consume all of these and distill the knowledge from these to inform their practice. So, how about a community of similarly ambitious, similarly devoted and similarly curious people coming together to share distilled knowledge, best practices, their experiences etc., in a non-judgemental, friendly and respectful way? 

That’s why I am establishing a community for product managers. 

This community will benefit both new and established product managers. 

It will provide a base for friendships, mentorships and knowledge sharing. 

The idea is evolving and resources are being dedicated to creating a suitable and all encompassing platform and I will like to invite you to be a part of this  effort. 

How do you get involved?

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3. Complete the form below telling me about yourself and what you can contribute, and in due course, I will reach out to you to discuss.

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