Students’ Survival Kit: taking bold steps

Having sold over one thousand copies and with orders in several multiple thousands at the moment, I have decided to improve on the content and the look ‘n’ feel of the book to enhance the brand the book is fast becoming amongst students in Nigeria’s numerous tertiary institutions.

I have worked closely with feedbacks obtained from several willing readers to revise the content of the book, softening the language wherever the need arose and correcting all noted errors and typos. Efforts are geared towards releasing a completely revised edition of the book before February 2009 – this edition will be larger and will be presented in several formats to enhance spread and acceptance – but in the interim I am releasing an updated version in the coming days.

I am also in the middle of a brand new product which will roll off my stable within the next one (1) month and is expected to be of utmost benefit to the over 3,000 students that will have purchased the book by the time the product is released – as a result of my renewed sales drive.

Keep watching this piece of virtual real estate as several goodies will be unleashed in the coming weeks.

Thank you.



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