Unfiltered: YALDA WA Live Chat: ‘Youth Leading Change: The Imperatives and Challenges’

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[16:03:59] YALDA West Africa: Hi All, Welcome to the YALDA West Africa Live Chat
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[16:04:47] Kate: Hello, greetings from South Korea
[16:05:10] Adebola Adenuga: hallos
[16:05:14] Adebola Adenuga: Something
[16:05:20] Adebola Adenuga: U said i shld write something
[16:05:23] Adebola Adenuga: lol
[16:05:25] YALDA West Africa: Thanks Adebola
[16:05:36] Kate: hi
[16:05:52] Adebola Adenuga: U are welcome
[16:05:59] Adebola Adenuga: I leave in 30 mins though
[16:06:08] YALDA West Africa: Ok thanks….
[16:06:11] Adebola Adenuga: So wat are we discussing
[16:06:20] Adebola Adenuga: let me starting punching my keyboard
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[16:07:39] Kate: So What’s the topic
[16:08:04] Adebola Adenuga: What are u writing and deleting at the same time?
[16:08:33] YALDA West Africa: Youth: Making Sustainable Change Happen,
the Imperatives and Challenges
[16:09:06] Kate: West African Youth?
[16:09:08] YALDA West Africa: Seyi Oyebisi is lead speaker and he has 35 mins and thene we discuss
[16:09:42] YALDA West Africa: Kate, the event is only being anchored by the West Africa Arm of YALDA
[16:10:06] Kate: Just checking
[16:11:08] YALDA West Africa: Thats fine Kate
[16:11:47] YALDA West Africa: I am helping Seyi Oyebisi set up and while we are at that kindly visit his personal website at: www.Oyebisi.com for a brief about the lead speaker
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[16:13:00] YALDA West Africa: Esther welcome
[16:14:46] YALDA West Africa: Seyi sends his apologies for the delays, and I am hopeful we will sort his connection issues in a minute or two
[16:14:59] YALDA West Africa: 4:00 – 4:05: Opening Remarks (Moderator)
4:06-4:45:  Keynote Paper: Youth Making Change Happen: The Imperatives and Challenges (Seyi Oyebisi)
4:46 -4:51: Q and A session (Moderator and Seyi)
4:52-5:00:  Networking Session
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[16:16:57] YALDA West Africa: House rules: Nobody should use the dial button please
[16:17:42] Esther Olatunde: ok, sorry about that. didn’t knw abt d rules
[16:18:07] YALDA West Africa: It is ok Esther
[16:18:30] YALDA West Africa: We will follow this agnda
[16:18:32] YALDA West Africa: 4:00 – 4:05: Opening Remarks (Moderator)
4:06-4:45:  Keynote Paper: Youth Making Change Happen: The Imperatives and Challenges (Seyi Oyebisi)
4:46 -4:51: Q and A session (Moderator and Seyi)
4:52-5:00:  Networking Session[16:19:29] YALDA West Africa: The UN secretary General sent a message to all world leaders and citizens of the world
[16:19:54] YALDA West Africa: In commemoration of today’s celebration of the International Youth Day
[16:20:03] YALDA West Africa: Parts of the speech follow:
[16:20:39] YALDA West Africa: The theme of this year’s International Youth Day -Sustainability: Our Challenge. Our Future- is a global call to action for young men and women. Our world faces multiple interconnected crises with severe and far-reaching impacts that fall disproportionately on the young.

In 2007, for example, youth comprised 25 per cent of the world’s working age population yet accounted for 40 per cent of the unemployed. The global economic downturn means that, in the near term, youth unemployment will continue to climb. Unemployment rates tell only part of the story, especially for the vast majority of youth who live in developing countries. For them, informal, insecure and low-wage employment is the norm, not the exception.Climate change, meanwhile, continues to compromise economies and threaten tremendous upheaval, saddling young people everywhere with an unjust ‘ecological debt’.
[16:21:12] YALDA West Africa: Read the rest of the message here: www.OluwakoredeAsuni.com/reflections
[16:25:02] YALDA West Africa: Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA) whose west african organised this event hosts a website at: www.YALDAfrica.oeg
[16:25:32] YALDA West Africa: sorry: www.YALDAfrica.org
[16:28:46] YALDA West Africa: Some other Key UN officials also shared their message of godwill and encouragement ahead of today’s celebrations
[16:29:22] YALDA West Africa: some of these have been posted to my personal blog: http://OluwakoredeAsuni.com/reflections
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[16:30:07] YALDA West Africa: Akindele Oyeyemi welcome to the LIVE chat
[16:35:11] YALDA West Africa: We my have to go on until Seyi is a ble to join us. Sorry about that
[16:36:15] YALDA West Africa: So I am going to ask us each to discuss our observed and or percieved challenges to involving young people in developmental activities in your communities
[16:43:10] Kate: Why don’t you start the discussion re: perceived challenges
[16:43:32] YALDA West Africa: Thanks Kate
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[16:45:28] YALDA West Africa: Oladejo Damilola, thanks for koining us
[16:45:32] YALDA West Africa: joining us
[16:46:24] Oladejo daniel damilola: You are welcome.
[16:47:21] YALDA West Africa: Seyi has to change locations and may be needing another 15mins.
[16:47:35] YALDA West Africa: I am eeeeextreeeeeeeeemly sorry for this development
[16:48:37] Oladejo daniel damilola: Ok
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[16:49:49] YALDA West Africa: thanks Ama_Abj
[16:52:47] YALDA West Africa: My experience and challenges so far leading change has been with the attitudinal change of the youths but mostly the society  invovled ….for example We have over 50  ethnic group and each group itself have cultural barriuers and all so if an individual seeking and leading change wants to help the other group somehow for the task to be completed it would be a difficult and the other barrier is the attitude of the youths in question . The major question is Are they ready for change or do they want to get out of the dark  tunnel
[16:53:17] YALDA West Africa: Thanks Akin for sharing, please post to the group henceforth and not directly to YALDA West Africa
[16:56:02] YALDA West Africa: Akin has highlighted cultural barriers and attitudinal challenges as major stumbling blocks to youth efforts to lead change.
[16:56:11] YALDA West Africa: Thank you Akin, once again
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[17:08:44] YALDA West Africa: That was buzzing you all, thanks Akin for sharing your experiences with us
[17:09:31] YALDA West Africa: Just got off the phone with Seyi and I think he come on in a minute
[17:10:02] Kate: Well I’ll go since nobody is volunteering. 🙂 I was born in Ghana but grew up in South Africa, so I’ll be making observations based on both countries youth. We have similar challenges with regards to unemployment, education, and making sustainable changes that can stand the test of time. I think it all begins with attitude, and what I have seen is that many of our young people these days just don’t care. Don’t get me wrong, we those young people who are making a difference out there but they are in the minority. I just believe that something drastic needs to happen before we can begin to see real change. we just have too many distractions so we don’t talk enough about our challenges etc.
[17:11:07] Kate: We have become complacent
[17:12:08] YALDA West Africa: ok
[17:14:39] YALDA West Africa: Sorry everybody, we may have to move this conversation to the facebook events page:http://www.facebook.com/inbox/readmessage.php?t=1183215789863&f=1&e=0#/event.php?eid=112583922894
[17:15:19] YALDA West Africa: As there many have called in or emailed stating various challenges joining the conversation onSkype
[17:15:51] YALDA West Africa: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=112583922894
[17:16:06] YALDA West Africa: that’s the event link on facebook.
[17:16:21] YALDA West Africa: I will cross post what ever is said on both platforms
[17:16:26] YALDA West Africa: Sorry for the glitches
[17:17:06] YALDA West Africa: Thanks Kate for your input

[17:17:45] YALDA West Africa: And I agree something drastic MUST happen…what do you think the actions should be and what should our roles as young people be?
[17:19:50] Kate: I believe that the key to this is organising community programs, we need a stronger civic society, the key would lie in our schools and how we educate the youth, we need to start teaching our youth about politics, and workings of government. that in it self start to open their eyes and therefore encourage debate and challenge our leaders
[17:21:27] Kate: that would be a one way for youths to start caring because they would be less ignorant and more aware of what is going on around them. which could lead to them being less complacent
[17:22:24] YALDA West Africa: Education, Jobs, Cultural barriers, Attitudinal challenges etc. are some of the ills plaguing young people
[17:23:50] YALDA West Africa: And I agree with Kate that a stronger CIVIC society, a reformed educational system and grounding young people in the dynamics of politics are the way forwards
[17:24:34] YALDA West Africa: Thank you Kate
[17:29:33] Kate: Are we moving to facebook or has this been postponed?
[17:30:21] YALDA West Africa: yes we are moving to facebook but I wil be cross posting from there here and from here there, just so everybody is in the loop
[17:30:45] Kate: ok
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Hello All
[17:31:48] YALDA West Africa: I am now posting from facebook:
[17:32:16] YALDA West Africa: Oyebisi Babatunde Oluseyi wrote
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Please forgive me
[17:32:25] YALDA West Africa: http://www.facebook.com/inbox/readmessage.php?t=1183215789863&f=1&e=0#/wall.php?id=112583922894
[17:34:29] ama_abj: Just like I also agree something needs to be done I also believe in the use of organization, schools, all manners of NGO`s to make the change happen. Fellow YALDA`s the most important is SELF(INDIVIDUAL) Leadership – a commitment of self to do something small, grow on it and keep doing it for as long as the change is done.
[17:34:46] YALDA West Africa: True AMA
[17:36:05] ama_abj: …so wht is every body doing @ individual to make the change!
[17:36:15] YALDA West Africa: Good question
[17:44:35] ama_abj: Yes Korede, you have taken a step – the chart thing, but we other African Youth wht can we do to this chart, make it grow and keep meeting and do chart until we have change. We have the mobile and internet connectivity working for US; we have the education and above all YALDA as an organization with network on and outside AFRICA. Sisters and brothers wht are YOU ready to do?
[17:46:38] Kate: I’m ready to do whatever it takes. I’m very passionate about african youth development. Its one of the reasons I changed careers from banker to teacher. It is my hope that I can apply my knowlege and experience as a teacher to the youth in Ghana when I return
[17:48:46] YALDA West Africa: sorry my access went out
[17:49:33] YALDA West Africa: I am sorry I am going to have to ask that we all send in our email addresses
[17:50:12] YALDA West Africa: Seyi requested this so he can send you all copies of his paper which he may not be able to present due to the persistent challenegs he is experiencing
[17:52:17] YALDA West Africa: But I agree with Both Kate and Ama that we YOUNG People first should improve ourselves and seek to help out the others…perhaps then the elderlies will take us very seriously
[17:53:09] Kate: my email address is Kate.Nkansa@gmail.com
[17:53:44] oyebisius: Hi Kate
[17:54:26] oyebisius: Hi all can you read me?
[17:54:41] Kate: hi
[17:54:53] Kate: oyebisius
[17:54:59] oyebisius: How are you Kate
[17:55:02] oyebisius: ?
[17:55:13] Kate: I’m good thanks how are you?
[17:55:34] oyebisius: I am really good please accept my apologies for coming on the chat late
[17:55:46] oyebisius: Are u the only one still online?
[17:55:51] YALDA West Africa: thanks Kate
[17:55:54] YALDA West Africa: Others please
[17:55:55] YALDA West Africa: Oyebisi Babatunde Oluseyi wrote
at 17:45
Thanks Ama and Kate for your interventions, I have followed on your comments
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Oyebisi Babatunde Oluseyi wrote
at 17:39
Since we are behind schedule asking questions will help us draw out critical points that can be taken away from the discuss today
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Oyebisi Babatunde Oluseyi wrote
at 17:38
I think for us to move forward we may want to start with questions as this will help us in acheiving a lot
[17:56:09] Kate: Ama is on and so is esther
[17:56:58] oyebisius: Adebola Adebuga, Akindele Oyeyemi, Ama, Esther, Kate, Oladejo, Olumide, Ruchione, Hi from here
[17:57:13] oyebisius: Ama and Esther are you there?
[17:57:26] ama_abj: yes
[17:57:41] oyebisius: hi Ama
[17:57:52] ama_abj: ama_tsg@yahoo.com
[17:58:22] oyebisius: I am sorry for coming late, pls accept my apologies
[17:58:35] oyebisius: Esther are you there?
[17:58:43] oyebisius: I have Kate and Ama on the chat now
[17:59:33] ama_abj: Oyebisi bawoni,
[18:01:00] oyebisius: Ama I am doing great o- mo wa pa o
[18:01:12] Esther Olatunde: Sorry guys! I’m on now
[18:01:30] YALDA West Africa: I may no longer be able to cross post to the event’s facebook page so I am asking that you also post directly there.
[18:01:34] YALDA West Africa: Thanks.
[18:01:38] YALDA West Africa: Africa will be great
[18:01:42] oyebisius: Ok Welcome Esther, we have AMA, Kate and Esther on the Chat
[18:01:48] YALDA West Africa: And our inputs are important to its growth
[18:01:56] YALDA West Africa: let’s keep our heads up!
[18:02:03] YALDA West Africa: Happy International Youth day
[18:02:15] oyebisius: Can we start with burning questions that we have on our minds as regards youth and youth development in Nigeria?
[18:03:07] ama_abj: …in Nigeria and ECOWAS!
[18:03:18] Kate: thank you ama
[18:03:28] oyebisius: in Nigeria and both will be fine too
[18:03:34] Kate: I thought I was in the wrong chat
[18:04:11] oyebisius: Why did you say that Kate
[18:04:38] Kate: because you only mention nigeria, I thought it was west africa
[18:04:56] Kate: yalda
[18:05:25] oyebisius: Oh I see I was going to include Africa
[18:05:45] Kate: ok
[18:05:48] ama_abj: This is west AFRICA chart!
[18:05:56] oyebisius: Yes lets start with burning youth and youth development issues that we want addresses in West Afica
[18:05:58] oyebisius: Africa
[18:06:07] Esther Olatunde: I am of the opinion that no matter how long we talk and how many conferences n seminars we organize, if we do not participate in the decision making, we may not achieve anything reasonable! A quick question: How many public office with authority is held by someone below 40?
[18:06:27] oyebisius: Thanks Esther for this question
[18:07:04] oyebisius: While your question is valid I do think that we have to be very realistic with ourselves interms of expectaions on this from Africa
[18:07:14] Oladejo daniel damilola: danielola@mtnnigeria.net
Am sorry for not contributing, am actually working right now.
[18:07:59] oyebisius: In Africa today young people are not financially and economically stable until they reach the age of say 30 and 35 and in some cases 40
[18:08:04] Esther Olatunde: olatundeesther@gmail.com
[18:09:02] oyebisius: Would you then at that point expect that framework a conscious leader can be produced- this is a poser I want us to discuss about now, I await comments
[18:09:25] Olumide Idowu: Hello all am Olumide I am so sorry for coming late
[18:09:43] Olumide Idowu: I was in a Press Briefing… thats why I came later
[18:10:06] oyebisius: ok welcome olumide
[18:10:33] Olumide Idowu: Pls will like to know where we are and what we are talking about….
[18:10:53] Kate: Oyebisius please clarify what you want us to discuss, I’m a little lost
[18:11:14] Olumide Idowu: I need someone to pls put me through
[18:11:38] oyebisius: Dear Kate and All, Esther has asked why we do not have leaders below 40 and I raised this poser:
[18:11:59] Kate: oh I c
[18:12:00] oyebisius: In Africa today young people are not financially and economically stable until they reach the age of say 30 and 35 and in some cases 40 Would you then at that point expect that framework a conscious leader can be produced- this is a poser I want us to discuss about now, I await comments
[18:12:49] Olumide Idowu: Ok I get you guys right
[18:13:00] ama_abj: …the big Q is, wht are we doing @ individual and as a group – YALDA ECOWAS to be in public office of authority befor OR at the age of 40.
[18:13:36] Olumide Idowu: I think my own opinion to this point is very critical in the way that I will like to ask a question
[18:13:55] oyebisius: ok
[18:13:57] Olumide Idowu: do we have any Governor at the age of 40 presently
[18:13:59] Olumide Idowu: ?
[18:14:50] oyebisius: we ve on in nigeria that is 43
[18:15:09] Olumide Idowu: Anyone there to answer my question…. and if we have can we talk about the Governor
[18:15:10] Kate: It may be because young people aren’t that interested in politics until they are older.Don’t think its souly about finances.
[18:15:16] Olumide Idowu: Ok who is that Gov..
[18:15:28] oyebisius: gov of bayelsa
[18:15:31] oyebisius: state
[18:15:45] Olumide Idowu: Talking about Politics we are very far behind in Nigeria thats why all is not moving well
[18:16:04] Kate: Could you eleborate on that Olumide?
[18:16:13] Olumide Idowu: U mean Sylva
[18:16:34] Kate: is your name sylva
[18:17:01] Olumide Idowu: @ Kate what I mean is just very simple. The way we run our election from grassrrot to the top is not well constructed hop u know that
[18:17:11] Olumide Idowu: I mean the Gov that is 43
[18:17:20] oyebisius: I think you are right Kate, I was at a conference where the youth minister in nigeria was present and he asked all the youths present to raise their hands if thyey would like to be presidents, gov etc none raised up thier hands except 1 person who would like to be a president
[18:17:46] oyebisius: Yes the gov that is 43 is Sylvia
[18:18:31] Olumide Idowu: we youths need to talk to ours selves too
[18:18:35] oyebisius: but finances cannot be seperated from our arguiements
[18:18:37] Esther Olatunde: I agree with oyebisius, but I believe that is the part we are trying to change through sensitisation. and would love an answer to ama’s q: [6:18:25 PM] ama_abj: …the big Q is, wht are we doing @ individual and as a group – YALDA ECOWAS to be in public office of authority befor OR at the age of 40.
[18:19:18] oyebisius: Esther can you start by telling us what you are doing?
[18:19:58] oyebisius: follwed by Ama, Olumide and Kate
[18:20:07] Esther Olatunde: ok
[18:20:11] oyebisius: n I will wrap up by telling you mine too
[18:20:25] Olumide Idowu: In a country like Nigeria….The present crew of government officials make work difficult for youghts and they only worsen the case for us
[18:21:12] Olumide Idowu: Ok pls in what are we doing
[18:24:10] Esther Olatunde: I’m only 19 n I currently using my IT skills to impact my peer groups. I have taught about 10 youths b/w ages 12-21. The big picture I see is to equip my self well enough to be the Minister of Science & Technology or sth related. Thank you
[18:24:41] oyebisius: thanks esther
[18:25:01] oyebisius: Ama lets hear you on what you are doing
[18:25:39] oyebisius: Olumide and Kate pls start preparing urs too respectively
[18:27:25] oyebisius: Olumide can we hear u I think Ama has left
[18:27:40] Oladejo daniel damilola: In my own view, any political post is demanding, besides the fact that its filled with diabolical activities, people die at young age, only if you can  eat with the devil, then you may live longer.
[18:28:21] oyebisius: Thanks Oladejo
[18:28:27] ama_abj: Olumide kindly take over PLS. I`m stil tiping my. Thanks
[18:28:57] oyebisius: Can u tell us what u are doing to make a difference Oladejo
[18:30:00] oyebisius: Kate pls tell  us what u are  doing while wait for olumide
[18:30:21] Kate: In order for one to be effective you need to develop yourself. I just recently moved to South Korea, to gain experience as a teacher (English from banker to english). I’m hoping to use that to help and work with young people. My father is builiding a school  in Ghana so i’ll hope to make a difference there. I have a lot of dreams and aspirations but right now I’m developing myself. Also want to a venture capitalist someday, (in the meantime I help people get business contacts and investors) I think I’m good at it too. I’m good at seeing opportunity and then linking people up to make their business ideas a reality.
[18:31:13] oyebisius: Thanks Kate for this
[18:31:29] oyebisius: Ama are you ready?
[18:32:26] ama_abj: …some mint. pls
[18:32:45] oyebisius: In my own capacity I have with many orgnizations a volunteer to help them in acheiving their aims one of such is the Nigeria Network of NGOs where I have worked as a volunteer for over 4yrs
[18:33:07] oyebisius: leading their membership, advocacy and campaigns work
[18:34:31] oyebisius: I also started the UNICEF Rural Voices of Youth and today UNICEF has recognized as the founder
[18:35:30] oyebisius: Again I have since 2006 continued to mobilize young people against poverty through the stand up take action campaign
[18:35:49] oyebisius: I think as young people we need to identify a need/gap and fill it
[18:36:30] oyebisius: WE have to be responsible for the change that our various countries need, we need to stop agonizing and start organizing
[18:38:24] oyebisius: One thing I know is that all the challenges we have in West Africa are opportunities for us to add value
[18:38:44] oyebisius: and in turn create wealth
[18:40:50] Kate: But how do you and where do you even start. There are other factors here that determine whether wealth in a country is created. i.e. “the west” and organinsing bodies that aren’t supporting even with the little progress we are making in africa. So how would we and can we bypass that?
[18:42:28] oyebisius: we start by solving problems within our community
[18:42:40] Olumide Idowu: Am back
[18:42:48] Olumide Idowu: sorry I lost connectin
[18:42:57] oyebisius: Ok Welcome Olumide
[18:43:03] Olumide Idowu: I am Olumide Idowu from Abuja
[18:43:26] oyebisius: Kate if we are able to solve problems in our community we will solve national problems
[18:43:31] Olumide Idowu: I work for AIESEC Nigeria as Project Director
[18:43:49] Esther Olatunde: i agree with oyebisus
[18:43:57] Olumide Idowu: Ok I will like to continue with my view on this issue
[18:44:01] oyebisius: Its about creativity and identigying solutions to problems
[18:44:29] Olumide Idowu: Ok I think solving National problem we need to understand each other
[18:44:39] Kate: How about we exchange some of these ideas at a community level?
[18:45:03] Esther Olatunde: a very good example is Ajegunle.org
[18:45:04] Olumide Idowu: And we also need to start by Identifying thw community in which we work as well
[18:45:27] oyebisius: Great, yes we can exchange the idea, yes esther you are right
[18:45:38] Olumide Idowu: We need to have a center for some issue we are working onn that is affecting out National Problem
[18:45:42] oyebisius: yes Olumide I agree
[18:46:58] Esther Olatunde: it is an IT empowerment initiative by PIN, which empowers disadvantaged youths in one of the slums in lagos, 25 youths at a time. I am one of the beneficiaries.
[18:47:20] oyebisius: Thats good to know esther
[18:47:38] Olumide Idowu: Like Ajegunle.org is really working as a center for the an issue
[18:47:39] Esther Olatunde: and i in turn empower my peer group, it’s more of a relay thing
[18:48:26] oyebisius: ok
[18:48:45] Kate: Esther do you know how much it would cost to set up ones of these in a community in ghana. My mum is a Chief Executive of one of the districts in ghana, would love to pass on the info to her
[18:48:56] Olumide Idowu: as an Ambassador of MISSPIN i think our vision is to make sure the internet is secure and PIN is really helping in that area… We can also see that If we can start something on this kind of area we can really help through
[18:49:11] oyebisius: Good
[18:49:43] Olumide Idowu: I think we need to come together and tackle issues around our Nation
[18:50:03] Esther Olatunde: ok Kate, I’ll check with the project director(whom I call headmaster) and I’ll get back to you.
[18:50:21] YALDA West Africa: Kate you may want to talk to someone at PIN -www.PINigeria.org regarding replicating the Ajegunle.org training in Ghana
[18:50:31] Olumide Idowu: Hello Ester what are u really….talking about
[18:50:35] Olumide Idowu: what issues is that
[18:50:37] Kate: cool thanks
[18:50:48] oyebisius: While I agree Olumide we also have to concentrate energies on community actions which will translate into national level impact
[18:53:34] Olumide Idowu: ok
[18:54:23] Kate: I have to go its 3 am in the morning for me. I won’t log out as I would like to read your comments when I wake up. Thank you for the chat everybody. 🙂
[18:54:38] Olumide Idowu: I think we need someone like Gbenga sesan to work more with us
[18:54:42] ama_abj: Yes I`m back
[18:54:42] oyebisius: Thanks Kate and sleep well
[18:55:13] YALDA West Africa: Thanks Kate for joining us and hanging on till now.
[18:55:41] Olumide Idowu: So what is our decision on this issue
[18:56:07] oyebisius: which issue Olumide?
[18:56:21] Olumide Idowu: I mean what is our conclusion
[18:56:29] Olumide Idowu: or the forum is still on
[18:56:33] Olumide Idowu: ?
[18:56:46] ama_abj: Yes!
[18:57:13] oyebisius: The forum is still on but should end soon
[18:57:18] oyebisius: Can we meet again soon?
[18:57:24] ama_abj: …wht i`m doing to my a change
[18:57:34] YALDA West Africa: (speaking for myself-Oluwakorede Asuni) I agree with AMA that this forum should not end
[18:57:47] ama_abj: yes
[18:57:52] ama_abj: never
[18:57:55] Olumide Idowu: I will like us to continue also
[18:58:01] ama_abj: yes
[18:58:09] oyebisius: k
[18:58:19] Olumide Idowu: So pls will like too ask us a question
[18:58:45] ama_abj: ok
[18:59:01] YALDA West Africa: but yes this particular chat session should be out on hold shortly, so we can ingest and ruminate over key issues raised here and find out ways to beat them and then gather again sometime soon to share strategies and put in olace best practises
[18:59:09] Olumide Idowu: Are we going to be tackling all the issues in our different communities
[18:59:43] oyebisius: No we have to take one issue to tackle in our community
[18:59:46] Olumide Idowu: Ok I think Korede is right….
[18:59:53] Olumide Idowu: Ok
[19:00:09] Olumide Idowu: Pls I dont know Oyebisius
[19:00:13] Olumide Idowu: sorry to say
[19:00:25] YALDA West Africa: Having identified from the forgoing, I think it is best all men try and correct the problems in his house, then his community, then the society then his nation then his continent then the world
[19:00:29] oyebisius: Olumide pls visit www.oyebisi.com
[19:00:35] oyebisius: to learn about me
[19:00:41] Olumide Idowu: Thanks
[19:00:53] oyebisius: Welcome sir
[19:01:28] Olumide Idowu: Am very sorry Mr. Oyebisi I know u very
[19:01:35] Olumide Idowu: Sorry for that….
[19:02:16] oyebisius: oh Olumide no p
[19:02:23] Olumide Idowu: We met at Top 100 our Generation 2007
[19:02:30] Olumide Idowu: hope u recall
[19:02:38] YALDA West Africa: At this point I am going to say thank you to you all who joined in this discussion
[19:02:45] Olumide Idowu: I think this forum is very interesting
[19:02:56] oyebisius: Oh ok
[19:02:57] YALDA West Africa: Suggest we meet again here in a few weeks
[19:03:04] oyebisius: Thats true bro
[19:03:13] YALDA West Africa: I will share a circular via facebook
[19:03:31] oyebisius: Korede will send a summary of our discussions to u all
[19:03:45] YALDA West Africa: recomend that we all save this group in our skype contact and check it out every once in a while
[19:03:46] Olumide Idowu: Ok thats cool
[19:03:51] Olumide Idowu: I will love to have that
[19:04:07] Esther Olatunde: ok, cool
[19:04:13] YALDA West Africa: And also use it as an avenue to share tots on issues raised here today
[19:04:38] Olumide Idowu: ok
[19:04:51] YALDA West Africa: I recomend we all continue to discuss on a personal level and learn how we can help each other achieve his/her objectives
[19:05:08] YALDA West Africa: that’s networking and synergy
[19:05:37] Olumide Idowu: Cool YALDA
[19:05:45] YALDA West Africa: I also recomend you all add YALDA to your friend list on facebook
[19:06:08] Olumide Idowu: I think we need a retreat to talk also on this matter so that we continue working on issues we see in our community
[19:06:13] YALDA West Africa: I will be sharingin coming days links to online resources that can help us all in our works
[19:06:23] YALDA West Africa: Thank you all for your time
[19:06:54] Olumide Idowu: Thanks for making me to see this discussion
[19:06:56] YALDA West Africa: Thank you Seyi for accepting to talk to us for really doing so
[19:06:58] Olumide Idowu: I really appreciate it
[19:07:07] Olumide Idowu: Pls i dont know Esther
[19:07:12] ama_abj: …welcome Korede!
[19:07:22] Olumide Idowu: Also Ama
[19:07:31] Esther Olatunde: Thank you for organising this forum. signing out
[19:07:50] oyebisius: ok bye esther
[19:08:00] YALDA West Africa: Esther, Kate, AMA, Olumide, Adebola, Oladejo Damilola, Akindele Oyeyemi
[19:08:28] ama_abj: Bye all!!!
[19:08:29] YALDA West Africa: and everybody els thank, you!
[19:09:10] Olumide Idowu: Thanks to u all have a lovely day…. Hope to see u later…
[19:09:29] oyebisius: byew
[19:09:35] Olumide Idowu: Mr. oyebisi hope to chat with u later…….
[19:10:11] oyebisius: Yes sir, will be on the look out
[19:17:32] Olumide Idowu: ok
[19:17:36] Olumide Idowu: Bye all
[19:18:17] oyebisius: bye



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