Unintended Consequences

All actions have a resulting reaction. It is a fundamental law of life and well entrenched in the laws of Physics.

The witty clapback.

The recoil of the gun.

The sudden forward movement of the human head when a car comes to a sudden stop.

Customer walking away after a terrible experience.

The customer using the product in ways other than originally intended (yes, that was how the teabag was invented – read about Thomas Sullivan and his accidental invention or his invention with an unintended but useful consequence)

Whilst we are in full control of our actions, we may not be in full control of the reactions to it.

What is important is what we do with the unintended consequences.

Another important thing is to not ignore these consequences.. Sometimes they include opportunities for improvements, diversification, change or even sales.

As you make the most of your actions. Also, optimise to leverage the unintended outcomes.



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