Oluwakorede Asuni

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My name is Oluwakorede Asuni – most people call me Olu and you may as well.

I work at the intersection of technology and society – helping businesses, non-profits and individuals craft and evolve their technology adoption (aka digital transformation) strategies.

For most of my career, I have worn multiple hats ranging from product manager, project/programme manager, business analyst and customer advocate.

I write regularly here, on facebook, twitter and on some of the most popular business analysis platforms out there. 

I hold the IIBA CBAPIIBA CPOAPMI PMP and ITIL Foundation, credentials. And I am completing an executive MBA at the University of Readings’ Henley Business School.

I publish an occasional newsletter exploring thoughts, theories and developments across digital.

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Should you get a business analysis certification?

In this short video I go over questions as: What are the factors you should consider in deciding whether or not to get a business analysis certification?
What certifications are fit for you, depending on factors like, your objectives, your career path to this point, your plans for the future.

Exploring the business of YouTube creators

I hosted a conversation with a budding YouTube creator and discussed some of the challenges and opportunities inherent in choosing YouTube as a platform for content distribution.
What are these and how is a newbie YouTuber navigating them?

Fundamentals of business analysis

Who are business analysts and what do they do? What are the tools of their trade?
Where do they work?
And how do you get started as a business analyst?
I attempt answers to some of these questions in this video.

Agile in a waterfall world

Can strict waterfall co-habit with agile? For example, can a business with legacy processes transform or begin to transform to one that is responsive to the rapidly changing demands of the market?
If yes, what are the thoughts and principles that we need to embrace. In this article, I explore why and how this is possible.

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