2007: Me and I

No doubt the year 2007 was a good one. Perhaps I should say that the year was for me, a huge experiment, I took time off testing several of the theories I have gathered over a period. The year had its ups and off course its terrible and painful downs-I burnt my fingers and my fingers got burnt too! But over all I thank God the year was. Some of the theories I tried out was to plan ahead, anticipate the future and prepare for it, so that when chance comes it does not catch you napping. In the course of putting to use this theory for which several techniques are available, I learnt the vital lesson not to go to sleep on ones plans, rather one should follow with heart, mind and passion what one has planned to achieve, in-spite of the odds-which definitely are there. Only then will your plans hold out and your dreams come real. It is also of note that not all I planned for worked out despite working hard at some of them, but at the end of the year, I was able to asses my progress, identified distractions and weak points and can now re-strategize to make things happen better this year. Guess I will have continued merry-go-rounding and not have the quality of focus my life has today but for planning. The moral’s that while all plans don’t work the process of drawing them and working at them let’s you know your real limits, identify what you can and cannot do better and possible encourage you to build capacity for better performance. In that same year I employed Leaping before you look as against looking before you leap: I challenged logic and imbibed some bit of insanity by investing a lot of resources- mine and others – in a venture that seem too good to be real and which eventually turned out so (don’t ask me what it is). While this proved a bad decision- which I greatly regret too- my thought is sometimes one need to take a measure of calculated risk which may or may not defy logic, so one does not sit and get passed by opportunities which as you must have guessed does not often come labeled. What you apply your heart to you master, in the course of the year, I took a step in the direction of setting apart some of my weaknesses. I applied my heart to the acquisition of certain skills that will enable me actualize some of my dreams and also make me less dependent on others-not that dependence is bad in itself, but I mean the type of dependence that consumes ones feeling of self worth! In the same year I took the bold step of moving closer to some of my mentors and as it is I am most thankful to God for that inspiration. In another post, I will describe my experiences with this young people and the lessons I learnt from the mutually benefiting interactions. Perhaps the year 2007 was the best in my life so far.



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