5 reasons I cherish working from Coffee shops

cappucinoWhen next you drive past a Coffee shop, I might be waving at you from one of its windows.

  1. The coffee tastes better each time – and when it doesn’t, I change Coffee shops.
  2. The scenery is different every time – yes, I change the window by which I sit each time and as often as I need to. And on occasion, I change the Coffee shop and with it all of the scenery at a moment’s whim.
  3. The furniture is wow!!! Coffee shop chairs are comfortable in a way only Coffee shop chairs can be (and need I say, cheaper than the ones at the other guy’s).
  4. At the Coffee shop, productivity is on steroids. Must be the smell. Or the need to justify the next cup of coffee or pot of tea. Often I zap past listed work tasks with very little effort and end up wondering if I did all the work un-assisted.
  5. I love coffee – I should have started out with this.

No, I don’t own a Coffee shop yet.



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