Abandon TALK and begin TO DO!

Nigeria is beset by many challenges…far too numerous to enumerate here (and allow me to modestly say anywhere else). However, many have perfected the art and science of TALKING and doing nothing!

Look, at the newspaper vendor stand, members of the free readers association will explain quite succinctly why we have problems in this country and what the problems are ( and sometimes, who they are !) and how best to make these problems history, but that is about all.

And as you guessed, the problems never leave! They stare us on in the face daily and even assume more fearful dimensions when all we do is talk.Look we CAN NOT talk away our challenges…we need to take ACTION!

And I do not mean take action at a national level. Start in your room…then let it spread that way we can achieve something and at least live our children a nation they can be proud of. What is your expertise (besides talking I mean – sorry if I sound insultive) put it to work, do it well and right and at least show someone there staill exists the value of hardwork and there is beauty in earned living and labour has diginity!

Then take delibrate steps to make things better and influence a ripple (positive that is) within your own circle of influence and lets see what will happen after wards.

An example of such efforts I advocate here: http://www.vanguardngr.com/content/view/30163/51/; and I am proud I took the decision and followed up in the dark corner of my room in Minna and through the mosquito infested nights and the sunny days, when water was not quite enough to douse the thirst, but the spirit moved on on sheer detrmination – I remember the many mornings my flatmates wake up and find me on the sam spot the left me the previous night and they turn on that look that indicates bewilderment.

I resigned from the club of talkers many years ago, when I stepped forward with my book Students Survival Kit – a performance guide for undergraduates in Nigeria – www.thestudentsurvivalkit.com. I underlined my committment for change and development by volunteering with Pradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) led by my friend and mentor ‘Gbenga Sesan and was later hired by the same organisation to manage a training program aimed at furthering the strenghts of non-profits in the Nigeria. YALDA -OOU and IET-OOU two international organisations whose local branches I managed about the same time in my undergraduate days also seek to change the world in different ways but of course not by TALKING and DOING NOTHING. Perhaps these were the things (doing what I can with what I have) observed by Microsoft Nigeria when she appointed me an ambassador for her anti-cybercrime warefare (social campaign). Why not start DOING rigth there where you are …and may be help will come. And if it does not…even the heavens will bear withness that you have DONE and not just TALK!

I think it is time we stand up, abandon TALK and begin TO DO!



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