Whne choosing becomes a difficult task… :) When choosing becomes difficult!

...I came to some intresting knowledge. Having 'plenty to choose from depletes ones ability to choose' - the paradox of choice.

I spend quite a lot of time online and I sometime wonder why in the world cannt everything just happen online – oh I hate the long queues for buses, the fact that I cannt always afford cabs and no longer ride bikes…and the frights at takeoff and landing :). I really wish I did not have to leave the comfort of my ‘corner’ to attend meetings when I can have it at home rigth in bed…

I recently went back to an interesting habit – watching TED talks – actually I have only read reviews before and immagined what attending TED events will look like. By some chance TED talks became free to see on the internet (and to download too!) or is that I just discovered it is?So I downloaded a couple that caught my fancy and spent a few minutes seeing them this morning (yesterday now) while figuring how to deal with myself and the future.

While I did get refreshed, I came to some intresting knowledge. Having ‘plenty to choose from depletes ones ability to choose’ – the paradox of choice.

Review this poser: What has choice done to you?

(some hints)

There are many good looking guys asking your hand in marriage (or as we always put it here ‘reationship’); your favorite colonge has added 15 new variants so you can choose from a larger collection; there are a myriad of masters degree programs offered by your favorite universities.

What have you done? Was it not easier when you only had to choose from two or three options than when you have 10, 50 and sometimes as it is almost always the case 1000s.

Or have you not thougt about it?

Or (again) is it only I and Barry Schwartz?

Please review this and let’s start an interesting converesation which may help us in reaching a conclusion on how to deal with choices.

You may view barry schwartz’s talk at TED on the Paradox of Choice…this may help put the question in perspective.

(Or am I running wild?)



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