Africa Rural Connect (ARC)


Africa Rural Connect (ARC) is an experiment in global collaboration. We put our collective thoughts together to assemble the best business plans for agricultural development in Sub-Saharan Africa. We suggest that the people who have lived or worked in Sub-Saharan Africa offer their perspectives or expertise to help women farmers and improve the livelihoods of the poorest populations there. Their contributions fill this online community with creative and practical plans that will gain exposure and financial support for implementation.NPCA is building the online community for ARC using a new work collaboration web technology platform and, once the website is established, the ideas, suggestions, and data derived from the network will be used to inform development program efforts that directly reach the poorest populations
in Africa. It will focus on agriculture-related issues including food production, storage, transportation, agribusiness, markets and market information, and research. The project will benefit greatly from the involvement of first generation Africans who want to share their stories about their home countries,
and recommendations on the above topics, with others in North America and around the world.
In the ARC community, we blend the insights of Africans, Peace Corps Volunteers, Africa scholars, and development workers to enhance project plans. Everyone’s role is to offer ideas and help others build or improve upon their own plans based on their own experiences.
This summer, we will coordinate a contest with up to $50,000 in prizes for the best business plans to improve agricultural practices in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Site Moderators will be encouraging people to post their ideas, big or small. Each contribution is considered valuable in its own right and any seed of thought can grow into a full-fledged project plan.
By editing, offering suggestions, criticisms, and support of ideas and plans, the ARC community avoids reinventing the wheel of African developmental initiatives. Members of this community can share their technical knowledge and authentic experiences to add valuable contributions to every element
of a plan.
This is the space for people to offer their voice, their story, their thoughts, and their vision for Africa’s
economic and agricultural future.



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