Creating your Soundlides

Soundlide a coinage from the two words sound and slide (as in presentations) is an alternative to video. As you may be well aware it is important to keep documentary records of one’s activities as a social entrepreneur at least to remind yourself someday how far you have come and serve as guide to others seeking to embrace this route to fulfilment. And in most cases, the cost of making a video (with cameras and stuffs) can be prohibitive, thus soundslide may be a cheap and good alternative.

This how to was first posted on the Ashoka website.

Step 1: Edit your audio. You can edit your MP3 using previously recorded material using a free copy of Audacity. So easy, you can learn how to use it in less than 5 minutes. You can also add some flair by using open-sourced music.
Russell says the key to a good soundslide is really good sound quality
and sometimes even ambience noise that gives hints of where you are
(NPR style!).

Step 2: Make your audio slide show or “soundlide”. Utilizing the user-friendly soundslide maker. Where you upload your audio in MP3 and your pictures in JPEG (I love flickr for creative-common licensed images).

Step3: Post it on the net.
On the soundslide maker, hit export to have the files ready to upload
to your website. If you have the free version of Soundslides, upload your soundslide to a free website and if you wish to post your soundslide on to your blog you can also do that.

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