Attending the Non-profit Technology Conference (NTC), DC, March 2011

In a couple of days, technology professionals working in the non-profit sphere will gather at the Washington Hilton to deliberate issues, trends and the future of their trade.

When these happens, I will be there, with my colleagues from other non-profit institutions from all over the world.

My personal goals are as follows:

  • Take a break, sigh and take in as much information as possible about the the latest in this field. I have noted how easy it can be to get carried away by the daily strategic and operational stuffs that constitute work whilst forgetting to indulge in personal development and keeping abreast of happenings in the industry
  • Become a spider –  yes, and spin my personal web as far as possible. Conferences are full of opportunities to strengthen old alliances and create new ones over coffee of beer depending n which you prefer (don’t ask my preference 🙂 )
  • Validate –  I have had some ideas toying around with my brain cells for a while now, some of these I have voiced and some I have no confidence to. I hope to see how many of the people gathering at this conference have similar strains of creative disturbances or how many will agree or disagree, and thus plan how best I have to force this ideas down the throat of…you know who 🙂
  • Fired up –  return to my desk fired up from my experience with other …well, techies as I have now been classified…and determined to change the world as quickly as possibly or at least keep trying.

For updates on what else I will be doing in DC between sessions and besides seeing to it that I lay my bare hands on an iPad 2, keep a look out on my blog, follow my rantings on twitter or on Facebook!

Pshhhh…pray I pass the US immigration unscathed and in one psychological piece….my experiences at the Joburg consulate was not exactly that which I love to remember and I wish for nothing worse!



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