Can water go uphill?

With a need.

With an understanding of how water flows and the rules that guide the flow.

With determination.

Water can be made to go in any direction other than that dictated by nature.

In doubt?

For the need of using water as energy source, man created dams.

For the need of creating artificial rain, man invented and perfected irrigation (well copied the idea from nature).

For the need to use water for domestic purposes, far away from the source(s) of water, man invented water distribution systems that includes water treatment plants, water distribution systems and plumbing. And eventually, man bottled and bagged water for the added convenience of taking water with them everywhere they went.

And this goes on.

So, I ask again, can water go uphill? The answer is, start with a need. Mix in knowledge. Then add in deliberate execution. And you will make water go uphill.


Note: Icons made by Eucalyp from



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