Ariwo Oja*

Ariwo oja The din. The noise. White, red, green and black… Distracts. Could disrupt too. You go. You come. Hands empty. Nothing in hand. All things at hand. Stories. Excuses. Of souls battered. Of men beaten. Ariwo oja The ‘misfocus’. The misadventures. Lost. Totally not present. The chatter. The troubles. The questions. The ‘misanswers’. The bother. […]

Then it hurts!

Then it hurts So close yet elusive Striving and sweating Batting and swatting Running and fighting Yet so close Yet so elusive Then it hurts! Yet another feeble attempt at poetry -don’t I just give up? beats me too 🙂

My path

  I guess I have to move on In the face of challenges and the struggles to be and make be In the face of unsung successes and heroic actions Moving on is the only route I know Moving on is the path I choose