They are here! Wearable computers [updated]

Ok, so I missed the grand entry of wearable computers*. The entourage possibly slipped by whilst I caught a quick shuteye. But they are here and if you, like me a few moments before electing to write this post, was waiting for a/the grand launch of wearable computer devices, well you missed it and may have […]

Some of the things that will kill your project (and your reputation along the way)

Boil the Ocean

Read this exciting follow-up article by Tech Republic’s Justin James titled: More classic software development mistakes and thought to share the same below. Whilst Justin’s title and essay might have focused on software development, the listed pitfalls are applicable in almost all project environments – just take out the specific mentions of software and software jargon’s and […]

Will the PC die?

This post includes a presentation, which is best viewed in full screen The Death of PC – Full Report from Business Insider from Pandora.VN

Effective Leadership as a Catalyst for Successful Projects

Ayo Oladejo and I have in recent months had long and exciting conversations on the subject of leadership. Ayo believes it all starts and ends with leadership. I agree. The conversations are exciting, as enlightening. He recently wrote a piece on the role leadership plays in the work place and I thought to share excerpts […]

Dealing with the curse of mobile instant messaging

I was intrigued by MSN messenger (or whatever it was called back in the late 90s) – this was before mobile phones became a reality (in Nigeria) and sms the cheapest and preferred means of one-sided and multi sided conversations. I thought yahoo messenger was cool – yes, I, like you had a yahoo account […]

A rising role for IT: McKinsey Global Survey results

Aspirations—and current expectations—for IT have never been higher. Executives continue to set exacting demands for IT support of business processes, and they see an even larger role for IT in a competitive environment increasingly shaken up by technology disruptions. These are among the results of our sixth annual business technology survey, where we asked executives […]

Gate crashing events: Tips that worked!

Its lunch time at the launch of Google Engage in South Africa – and I thought to share tips on gate crashing registration/invitation only events.

These worked!