Adobe changes to its terms of sse: Creatives Will Have none of that nonsense!

The dust-up began with concerns about content access.
The revised wording seemed to grant Adobe expansive rights to peek into users’ creative treasure chests. Creatives worried that their precious work could be used for purposes far beyond what Adobe initially explained. Was this a prelude to a future where Adobe could pilfer their ideas and content to fuel their fancy new AI art tools and definitively replace creatives? The lack of clarity fueled the fire.

Motivations for work: Often more than you think and not quite simple

In the beginning, I thought it was only about the money. In our hyper-capitalistic and materialistic world, where even the most basic materials (food, shelter, and mobility) all cost a dime or two – and add to that, the marketing industrial complex raising the art of signalling to the sky, further fuelling our need to fork out more money to procure not the most fundamental in form and function of the things that satisfy our basic needs, but the same things packaged in ways that signal to others that we know what is good we are better than them.

Writings of Mr Richard Dawkins

Mr Richard Dawkins is all at once witty, entertaining and almost accurate in his writings.
Wondering where to start? Or which of his works perhaps captures the whole essence of Mr Dawkins’ life’s work? Perhaps his 2019 long essay may be an enjoyable, if informative read and starting point.

On Project Management and Product Management

The link to the video is at the bottom of the post. — Are there any significant differences between the disciplines of project management and product management? My opinion is that each is a well-established discipline, which goes beyond nomenclature and could at best be complementary. Project managers are professionals who oversee projects with the […]

Combating Infobesity

There is no one way to combat this epidemic. However, the following steps may help one get started: (a) Awareness: Always bear in mind you are swimming in a lot of or even too much information and that this could lead to decision paralysis. (b) Start with the end in mind: Establish before starting your […]

A thing or two about vanity metrics

Vanity metrics mean or measure nothing. Well, except to stoke ego of those reporting these vain metrics or used to hide a problem. Whilst saying your company moved goods worth US$ 6Billion in the first quarter of 2020, sounds good to the ears, it really doesn’t say much.  Except, if your shareholders have invested in […]


UX is the envelope with which products are delivered. Excellent UX is the package in which customer needs are met, on time, in place, and as expected. UX is how the customer experiences the product or service. The entire journey from discovery to consumption to post consumption. Brilliant UX includes brilliant UI, making the product […]

Ilé tí a bá fi ito mo

Originally posted to OrderPaper.NG, the premier digital publication connection citizens of Nigeria with their representatives in parliament. However, reproduced below with slight modifications based on a discussion between some respectable users of the Yoruba language here on my facebook timeline. Growing up, my father taught me to read and write the Yoruba language, in as […]

Nigeria, ‘our journey is long’

I have read with some concern the news that the Nigeria Labour Congress (the NLC) is picketing MTN Nigeria and may have damaged equipment and facilities at some of the businesses locations in the country and even threatened staff and may have caused physical injury directly or otherwise to some staff of the corporation – […]