Combating Infobesity

There is no one way to combat this epidemic. However, the following steps may help one get started:

(a) Awareness: Always bear in mind you are swimming in a lot of or even too much information and that this could lead to decision paralysis.

(b) Start with the end in mind: Establish before starting your research or any work for which consuming, analysing and taking decisions based on information is dependent. A rough sketch of your intended destination is sufficient. That ensures you do not fall into the trap of confirmation bais, and leaves you room for discovery.

(c) Where possible, identify credible sources and always start there.

(d) Know when you are going down a rabbit hole: Similar to (a), as soon as you realise you may be delving into information that doesn’t solve the problem you are trying to solve, stop, then retrace your steps.

(e) Burn your fingers quickly but don’t repeat: It is ok to over consume information, get stuck and make no progress. However, it should not become a pattern. Build systems, heuristics, templates, models or frameworks that helps you sift and navigate your way through information into decisions.



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