Adobe changes to its terms of sse: Creatives Will Have none of that nonsense!

The dust-up began with concerns about content access.
The revised wording seemed to grant Adobe expansive rights to peek into users’ creative treasure chests. Creatives worried that their precious work could be used for purposes far beyond what Adobe initially explained. Was this a prelude to a future where Adobe could pilfer their ideas and content to fuel their fancy new AI art tools and definitively replace creatives? The lack of clarity fueled the fire.

UX thought leaders: Olu’s list

In no particular order IDEO – Interaction Design – Swathy Ranjendran – Usman Abiola –


UX is the envelope with which products are delivered. Excellent UX is the package in which customer needs are met, on time, in place, and as expected. UX is how the customer experiences the product or service. The entire journey from discovery to consumption to post consumption. Brilliant UX includes brilliant UI, making the product […]