eMail etiquette: Yes, there are some basic expectations

I write a lot of emails and I get a lot emails too. Indeed, in the fast paced, information driven world we live in today, email as well as other electronic communication methods and channels have become default. However, unlike face to face communication, the reader of an email usually have to depend on the written word to decipher the message being passed. 

It then becomes necessary for all senders of electronic mails who wants to be taken seriously each time, to carefully craft messages in a way that they convey only that which needs to.

I have had my fair share of emails which puts my mind in the mode WTF.

And I have gone back to read emails I have written only to ask myself, what the H was I really trying to say here.

Whilst, I subscribe to the philosophy of what I say is my responsibility, what you hear in turn, is your responsibility‘ I always at a minimum have to make sure I say it carefully and as correctly as possible.

I know a lot of people out there who struggle with communicating correctly via email – I know at least two whose emails often leave me wondering… and for these people and myself, I searched the internet for email etiquette and found the interesting link below:

Please read it and note some of the very basic expectations of others and respect them.



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