Every day as dawn breaks…

Every day as dawn breaks…I rise with the reality that I must make a difference today. And I must move a day’s distance in the directions of my goals in life.

Each passing hour, thoughts like: ‘…are my on course?’ courses through my mind and most times I am not, I am jolted back into reality and tugged – deliberately-back on track.

As the day runs to a close for me sometimes in the early hours of the next day, ‘I ask myself what have I achieved today? ‘

If any of these will pay off I am yet to find out, but what I know is that in Africa each morning a gazelle wakes up and notes, I must live through today ‘I must outrun the lions…else I will end up in their soup pot’ and as the lion rises, he concludes ‘…if I must not go hungry today and if I must provide for my family then I must outrun at least a gazelle’. Both must run in the direction of their dreams daily else both will die from the consequences of their inaction.

My dream is to impact lives, to call attention to the inherent abilities and capabilities of the human mind. And this I do every day as I help young people navigate the tricky waters of mathematics, I thrown in the occasional life quip that points in the direction of the perfection of man’s mind.

I am determined to ensure that as far as it depends on those of us that have moved ahead (in age and status) these young people must know the truth and be guided in taking vital life impacting decision. I get very uncomfortable at each child that chooses a path the leads him into the lion’s den and feel like a failure if I had not done much to help avert the decision.

I see them every day on the street, young boys and girls thinking sex is the best fad in town. Hawking it for jewellery, fame, and flimsy fortune! I see them nurse alcohol and the occasional wrap of crack…but I do not always feel helpless or discouraged, I get encouraged to share my stories and those of many others who have succeeded in making a meaning and an example of their lives.

I will not rest, until I tread water and breath the fire of change. I will move on in life and at every turn offer an helping hand of support and direction to young people around me…as I am convinced that in them lies the capacity to make the difference we desire…and to move us as a people from where we are to where we hope to be.

Thank you if you have read this far. But Do ask yourself, What am I doing to better this generation beyond condemnation?