Gay education

I read a story told by a gay Nigerian online, there have been a lot of them lately after the anti-gay law was passed in Nigeria, and  I concluded that
the LGBTI sector was portrayed in bad light.

The young man related the journey that led him to his unique sexual preference. He said he was introduced to the life-style by the promises of wealth it holds (getting paid for granting sexual gratification to men). He regrets his decision and would like to op out, so he can fit into the acceptable sexual preference, but grieved as he is no longer attracted to women.

This is however not a true picture of all gay men,as any one-story of a situation never is, but that of a male prostitute. This brings to my mind that perhaps what should really be prohibited is same sex prostitution since this is not listed as a crime in the Criminal Act.

I have interacted with lesbians and gays and come to understand that they can’t control who they are attracted to, no more than some men can control their attraction to slim women and others to fat women. Beauty surely lies in the eye of the beholder hence we must be more accepting of others.



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