Has fact become a spectrum?

Many years ago, someone said something I could only describe as outrageous.

Curious as to the source, I was met with: “I read it on the internet”.

I was gobsmacked.

But it has gotten worse, today.

People, entire clans even, run to the market with ideas, positions and assertions – yes, plainly because they read it on the internet.

Worse, when confronted with questions requiring the proponents to think a bot more about their “I read it on the internet”, you get brickwalled.

We now live in the times of alternative facts (Kelly-Anne Conway), my truth not your truth (the vast majority of people dueling it out on the streets of social media) and post-truth (some smart academic whose names I have forgotten).

In a time where, truth is absolutely relative. Where fact is no longer fact, once you switch the audience.

Where blue is all shades of red.

We live in very difficult times.



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