I am an Hustler

Really thougt I lost this post (originally written sometime in July,2008), only to find it recently in my drafts. Silly me :). Enjoy!

Remember an Harvard graduate friend of mine remark to me last August in Johannesburg

…I am a hustler

She was reffering to her exploits to making things happen and her never say die spirit and I listened with rapt attention cum fascination when she described having to spend the night in a bus…a cold night it was…blah… blah… blah…
I was a living witness to her actions and negotiations which saw us have a succesful 4 or so days meeting at the Gordon’s Institute of Bussiness Science (GIBS) facility in Johannesburg the beautiful South African capital where I hope to visit again soon –maybe go see the world cup in 2010.

I was amazed when earlier today my mind described as an hustler.
The moment was shortly after I completed my work at one of my duty post where I teach extra mural classes to the children of a Proffesor friend who I met a few weeks back and who I teach compueter appreciation. My mind in its usual frolick of assesment perused the last few days…no weeks since I settled down to share room three flat 16 Gwari Estate, Minna with Mr. Oladejo and four other youth corpers–more on my housemates and I n facebook–and shrieked at the schedules I have had to keep in order to
1. Keep body and soul together,
2. Gain a desired level of relevance — “In search of relevance” may well be the title of my next book,
3. Keep hope alive…my dreams of the future are tallllllll!!!

My daily routine looks somewhat thus:
wake up at 7:00am rush to the bathroom and hope it is free, toilet over and garri flakes for breakfast or none at all, I head for the school where i serve and teach mathematics to two groups of teenagers–i often arrive just before 8:00 and on a few occasions had been unforgivably absent. Depending on what the timetable says, I go to classes, spend extra time — free period, there is always an abundance–to gist life and computers with the boys.
Help out in the Physics Lab where i have move to temporarily given the failure of the internet connection to the Computer lab.,grade assignments etc but at 1:00

Yope, I have become one



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