Today, me and Ugo

What a title…

Hung out most of the day with my buddy Ugochukwu Nwosu and realised how much I miss working at PIN ( and especially with Ugo and the man we all call Gs and respect so much (though sometimes he jokes we do not).

I travelled with him to Ajegunle where he met with the managers of the local government’s education agency and I was a privileged observer. I was so happy to note that the project is eventually enjoying the patronage of the local government and they can now own the project as has been intended from inception., the project which forms part of the strong grounds for Ugo’s nomination for the future awards 2009, aims at reaching and helping to transform the lives and livelihood systems of young people from Ajegunle a rundown community otherwise known as a slum popular for both notoriety and for producing some celebrities in many areas of human endeavour including entertainment, sports and business. The training includes basic computer skills acquisition and entrepreneurship session. Noting the poor presentation abilities of most applicants for the training program which is intended to run quarterly, Ugo informed me that there will be a focus on soft skills development especially those relating directly to presentation skills. ( enjoys the patronage of the UK deputy high commission for trade and investment (UKTI) and many UK company and has once hosted the UK High Commissioner to Nigeria in one of its many interactive sessions.

Ugo has passionately worked on the project badgering relentlessly with the many challenges that faces such endeavours in this part of the world and those peculiar to the project itself. I remain happy I have once volunteered with the project and look forward to the rich interactive sessions with participants and graduates in future sessions as my present ‘out of state’ situation cannot allow me participate in the first session for 2009.

Back to my day, Ugo was all alive and hilarious and we joked about many things including our work and our boss –don’t tell him :), and our aspirations. Yes, we have huge dreams. Ugo wants to go as far as … (ask him oh!) and I …(keep watching this space).

Ugo, quite honestly our many talks today reinvigorated me and furthered my resolve but note that I have forgotten about those ones that concerned top ten countdown :), Ugo knows what I mean!

Ugo, thank s for your time today.



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