In His Own Words…’Gbenga Sesan let’s out the words.

Official public presentation is billed for Wednesday Septer 9, 2009 at the BooksNG offices in Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria. For those who already know, it is the 09.09.09 event. Having just completed a priviledged reading of an advance copy if the book, I can not but say the following of ‘Gbenga Sesan:

‘Gbenga has again provided proof that Nigeria will get better and that the ‘project’ requires not only our hope and trust but our committment to make it work. His has been a journey in exemplyfing this and his committment as demystified In His Own Words has always been ‘infective’ and will only be more contagious now and encouraging to the numerous young people I hope will read this book.

‘Gbenga, Thanks for doing what you do and for taking time out to explain the Whys, Whens, Whats, Hows and wheres In Your Own Words.



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