What do you do on/with facebook?

Look, the internet is like the real world and in many cases offer benefits hard to replicate in real life.
See, when you post a status message on facebook, it appears on your friend’s walls – all your of friends will see it (yes, when they log-in to their facebook account). And if one person posts a comment, all his/her friends get notices that he/she has commented on your status – the same goes to images, notes and all media you put on facebook.

Let’s do some maths.

I have 155 friends –that’s a fact. Each of my friends has 10 friends each. That means I have a primary audience of 155 and a secondary audience of 155X10 = do that maths.
Guessing that you have 1000 friends and each of them another 1000! You have a million people who will hear you when you talk – and most times will only decide not to listen to you againg only after hearing you the first time.

So, I ask, what do you do on facebook? Chatter nonsense? Or aiming to reach your desired ends making facebook (and the internet) work for you?

So why not get to work and use these numbers to your advantage?

More on this and other web 2.0 strategies for personal and organisational efficiency in the coming weeks. Watch this space!
Oluwakorede Asuni, is an independent IT consultant with specialist interests in Web 2.0 tools and online presence management. He manages ‘Korede Asuni Consulting an Information Technology Professional Services start-up, based in Lagos, Nigeria.



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