Multitasking, technology and people

Perhaps that is not the right title for this blog post…but this is one such time I write directly to this blog without first writting on my eScratch pad (fancy name for the folder where I keep all those ‘unready’ or work in progress write ups), so I will worryless about the title…perhaps I will perfect an auto titling system for my blogs :).

Early tonight, I was engaged in two chat conversations and a telephone call with three people spread accross the world. The multi tasking part of the title came from the fact that I held all three conversation for close to 20 mins without each of my coversationists 🙂 suspecting I was engagaed in other things and infact was talking to others – some feat!

Then the need to introduce two of my coversationsists arose and armed with my favorite chat program (with voice) and my mobile phone, I connected this two together and we had a conference call that lasted some 10 mins…here is where the technology part came into the title.

Technology has enabled innovation and has made erstwhile cumbersome tasks easier to perform today and promises to simply this further in the future. For example, my mobile phone not only serves as a phone, but does the job of a personal assistant (reminding me of important assignments , engagements and meetings days before they are due); my personal music player and also podcast reader; my mobile email tool and so on…My PC does even more and has removed the need for me to visit the cinemas recently and promises more.

Technology will shape the future – that is only restaing the obvious though!

Technology is perpetrated by men, peddled by them and used by them and for a myriad of purposes…what do you do with technology?

–Pardon me if I don’t sound coherent ;).



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